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No need to worry about transporting your documents for disposal. Document Demolition, in Chino, California, comes to you: your office, your home, your off-site storage facility, or wherever you keep or store your documents for disposal. Simply arrange for a convenient date and time, and we'll take care of the rest.


Document Collection Solutions

On-Site Inspection Services: Are available if you need to establish a secured document collection protocol. We offer locked bins of varying sizes and styles, depending on your need. Our complimentary site inspection will help you determine the type and number of collection containers suitable for your business.

Executive Consoles: Are suitable for the office environment and store approximately 75 pounds of paper. Rolling bins may be more appropriate in your copy center, back office, or production environments, and store approximately 200 pounds of paper.

No Charge for Containers: If you require regular interval disposal services (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), we offer our storage containers at no charge.


Certificates of Destruction: Are provided at the time of service, and of course, are complimentary.