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Commitment to What Matters

Service with Integrity

At Document Demolition, our commitment to your security is matched by our passion to provide outstanding customer service and the highest integrity. Locally owned and operated, we understand and value our business-to-business partnerships, and appreciate our residential clients who have come to trust and appreciate our individualized service. All members of the Document Demolition team are required to sign and abide by our code of ethics and confidentiality agreements. Our team members undergo HIPAA Compliance Training, and are uniformed, licensed, bonded, insured, drug tested, and background checked for your protection.


We are FACTA Compliant, HIPAA Compliant, and Security Level trained. Our state-of-the-art Hammermill™ shredding technology ensures your documents are pulverized into confetti-style pieces that are impossible to reassemble, meeting all state and federal regulations for secure document destruction.

Environmental Awareness

Our shredding vehicle meets the highest emissions standards for diesel engines. That means we're doing our part to reduce harmful emissions. All shredded materials are recycled at certified recycling centers and never end up in a landfill.


We invite you to witness our process and observe your documents' destruction firsthand. Our on-board camera surveillance system means you'll never have to second-guess what happens to your confidential documents - they leave your premises demolished and impossible to reassemble.